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"That’s no moon. It’s a space station."

We can’t decide what makes this stellar Star Wars-related cosplay more awesome: the phenomenal handmade Death Star Gown itself or the fact that it’s been accessorized with a Star Destroyer purse equipped to play Star Wars sound effects.

According to her husband Lady Death Star spent over 100 hours working on her spectacular gown. Everything was made by hand with the minor exceptions of the rank badge and the tin detail on her hat. The illuminated skirt weighs over 20 pounds. 10 pounds of that weight comes from the steel hoops that give the skirt its shape. There are also 12 D batteries powering 300 LED lights, and two skirts - an underskirt containing the steel hoops and the Death Star top skirt featuring roughly 900 foam tiles.

Visit Lady Death Star’s project blog for lots of process photos and to learn about how this fantastic gown was made.

Top photo taken by Undiscovered Photography at the Edmonton Expo.
Second photo taken by the 501st Legion at the Calgary Expo.

[via io9 and Fashionably Geek]

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Tonight’s experiment:  3.24 Master Ninja II

Yes, there’s a sequel.  Because there were just so many more stories that needed to be told after the resolution of the first one!

Apparently, this is another movie that was cobbled together from a TV series, which explains how the hell there can be a “special guest star.”

A million years ago, I used to watch Wings with my grandmother.  I remember Crystal Bernard being southern, but was she always this southern?  Yikes.

Something I like about these Master Ninja movies are the constant hi-keeba references!

For some weird reason, Max Keller makes me think of a dumber, charmless version of Richie Ryan from Highlander.

In conclusion:  Sorry, Richie.

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Has anyone else become weirdly attached to certain MST3K movie characters? Several ones are just special and comforting to me. Troy and Rowsdower, of course. Mitchell. Fingal. Johnny Longbone. Critter. Jody and Melissa. Torgo. Oh, sweet, sweet Torgo…

I first read this as “weirdly attracted” and I was so so worried about you.