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Today’s msthursday is : Operation Double 007

I’m going to offer what might be an unpopular opinion: I don’t think MST3K should have done this movie (also called “Operation Kid Brother.”) This movie was a parody of the spy movie genre, not a serious straight spy movie. It wasn’t a particularly good parody—it failed mainly because it didn’t go over-the-top enough—but the ridiculousness it did have was intentional. 

A similar debate broke out when Rifftrax covered Sharknado. Can or should you riff on a movie that is purposefully ridiculous? Pointing out that the script is full of cliches or the effects are laughably cheesy means the movie makers succeeded, not failed. The only thing you can say is that their jokes weren’t good enough. (And OP007’s weren’t). Riffs become criticisms of their comedic failures. But if you critique their comedy chops isn’t that just heckling?

This week’s msthursday is City Limits

James Earl Jones and Kim Cattrall are in this. How bad can it be?

The answer is: a lot. A lot bad.

City Limits is a boiler-plate low-budget post-apocalyptic nightmare, where gangs of foppish dandies rule the city with an iron fist and gangs of less-foppish but still ridiculously-clad gangs want to wrest control back to form semi-democratic city-states. This is also the movie where Joel tries, with marginal success, to cover nudity with an umbrella.