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The Venture Bros. Star Wars Mashup- Submitted by PJ Mcquade

Hank, Dean, Brock, Sergeant Hatred, Monarch, Morpheus, Henchman 24 and a bunch of the gang get STARWARS-ified!

Prints are now available for purchase through PJ’s Etsy Shop; each print sold comes with a free character as a 4” waterproof sticker! Also be sure to check out PJ on Tumblr and Twitter for more of his artwork!

This week’s msthursday, in honor of the recently deceased Richard Kiel is Human Duplicators.

This movie is not too bad as far as body-snatcher alien movies go. The special effects (“hummel heads”) are laughable, but the idea was solid enough. Aliens from another planet want to take over and replace human beings with androids. This was good casting, too, as Kiel’s wooden and stiff delivery actually work with the idea (spoiler) that he was an android this whole time.

 The only weakness in this episode was the host segments, the laughing Mads quickly wore out their welcome for me and the “coming out as robots” bit has lost some of the edgy humor it might have had when the episode first came out.

The riffing was good—Joel and the bots’ imitation of Kiel’s speech pattern gets me every time—and the movie was not so painful. A good effort all around.